We are a new company based in Orlando Florida. The brand name is ‘Publish me proud’. The concept is children (or adults) can upload their own fairytales which we then hand sketch for them and turn into a hard back book. Each book will be approximately 15-20 pages, some with more detailed illustrations than others. We anticipate the illustration time to be 30-45 minutes per book. You then take photos of illustrations and upload them to the print server from home (so you must be at least IT semi-competent). We anticipate very regular work for a team of sketch artists, and all work will be undertaken from home, on a book by book basis. You will be paid for your work as soon as your work has been successfully accepted by the printing software. It should be a real fun job, because every single book will be completely different, and it’s up to YOUR imagination to capture the child’s imagination and turn it into an illustrated story!