Total interior > 2400 <~2500

1. Front elevation
2. Outside of the other three sides
3. Construction blue prints
1. Builder
2. Plumbers
3 electrical

plot layout for Bank and HOA

We are contemplating a residents construction 2400-2500 interior square feet (of our own home). A rough draft will be provided (in excel) of the floor plan.

The desired outcome is construction floor plans for the Contractor, Electrician and Plumber, Homeowners Association Architectural Committee, bank and local building inspector

Additionally, the house, attached 2 car garage, porch, covered back patio, detached 2 car garage with covered side patio, driveway and carport must be on the one acre plot layout for approval of the HOA Architectural Committee, City Building Inspector and Bank.

Also required is a design and drawing of the front, sides and back elevation elevations. Style of the home will be provided.

The project will require a the ability to take a draft concept and convert to a final construction set of blueprints