I'm writing a science-fiction novel and I'm in need of an illustrator to help me envision my characters. My main character's design is fully solidified, but I'd like to see her 'in person' so to speak.
My other characters are fairly cemented in my head, but I'm having trouble picturing how they'd look. I feel an illustration of them would help me. I'd like someone to draw them for me. I'll send a full synopsis of the characters, their basic descriptions, their personalities, etc. I'll want at least two completed pieces of each of the three types of main character. A few points to remember;
1. My characters are not human
2. Two of the species are extraterrestrial
3. One of them has feathers

If you're interested, it's preferable that you have experience drawing sci-fi related characters, or else surreal and/or animal-like creatures. My characters are humanoid, but they are not humans.

I'm aware that the prices for artists vary wildly by their work, their procedures and their personal preferences. I'm willing to negotiate with the artist on the price. The asking pay for this post is a safe pay that I'll pay in advance for the work. I'll pay the remaining agreed upon price upon completion. I want both of us to be satisfied with the job, so I'll do my best to see that that happens.