I am seeking a South African editor for the first 2/3 of my novel-in-progress--I can explain more about the project in a private communication. This excerpt is currently 97,000 or so words and needs to be cut down to about 80-85,000 words. I will use your feedback to help me edit the final third, and then I am open to also working with you on editing the complete manuscript. The reason for this unusual editing procedure is that I have a professional development grant from my university that needs to be spent in the next two months. I also need to write a report on the results of the expenditure, by 1 April 2019, so the deadline for this project is 15 March 2019.

I have published an award-winning book with a New York Press and have extensive publishing credits in newspapers, magazines, and well-known literary journals.

My approximate budget for this first editing project is as follows (with some negotiating room):
97,000 words at ZAR 0.20 a word = ZAR 19 400

I have a special interest in black female editors (since there are two important black women characters I want to get right), as well as editors with expertise in literary fiction, apartheid history, and/or neurology and psychiatry. But none of this is required: I’ll just be happy with anyone who can help me make this a better book!