I am planning to bring back my old "Raytoons Cartoon Avenue" series!
"Raytoons Cartoon Avenue" will be showcasing samples of various comics/artwork from different creators, interviews with cartoonists and illustrators, as well as preview pages to other creators' books.
The first issue will have 4000 prints made.

I am looking for artist(s) to do the artwork for the cover and alternate covers of the comics. The cover would feature my "Ray" cartoon character, who is the mascot of the comic series. Make sure you message me how much you charge to do cover page art.

I am also looking for people interested in "shared publishing" through Raytoons. Artists and comic book creators who participate would have their creations distributed in 4000 comic books through different stores, schools, community centers, conventions, etc. I would also ship "100+ COMICS" for free with the participants artwork and/or comics in it.

Let me know if any of you are interested doing short comic where my "Ray" cartoon character interviews a cartoon/illustrated version of yourself (or a character from one of your comic tiles or stories, if you have any). The interview could be about one or more of your projects as well as where someone could support you and/or buy your books. Something like that would be a great fit with the whole theme of my Raytoons Cartoon Avenue magazine, which features a variety of things connected with cartooning and illustration.
Raytoons 02 - Intro Story.jpg
One of the sample comics that features the "Ray" character...
Raytoons 02 - Cover.jpg
Example Cover.