I need cartoon-like animated videos for 17 songs I wrote. The songs form a love story. I call this project, "Songs For Marianne." Once the videos are done, I am going to put stills from the videos on merchandise, t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, etc, along with the song titles and some lyrics from the songs and sell the items online and eventually I would like to open up stores for these items. Ideally, I would like to find an artist who will work for a part of my business.

I have to be able to copyright the videos, so, you need to use programs that allow me to and you have to create characters that are original, not copied. The copyrights for your work will be shared with me, as, I am going to help in their creation.

You can hear some of the songs here...

Not all of the songs are on the above youtube link, but, I can get them to you.

I am open to listening to your ideas and maybe pay for one video at a time, if you do not want to work for a part of the business. Keep in mind that I am going to have dozens of stills from the videos we create on dozens of items, so, the potential for making a great deal of money is there. Attached is an example of what Marianne's face could look like.

The purpose of this project, as, Sir Paul McCartney wrote, is to "fill the world with silly love songs," and some good art too. Although the songs are not really silly, they are valuable, because, as stated above, they form a love story, when listened to in the right order. This love story will be written in the videos as we create them. My website, will have the videos that will be free to view and download. DVDs as well as the "Songs For Marianne" merchandise will be available to buy there as well as other online sites.

I live near Buffalo, NY and can travel a reasonable distance to work with you. Or, we can work together using the internet and phone calls.
Marianne 29 May 08 2.JPG
Computer drawing of what Marianne's face can look like