I would like an editor that can provide all that my book needs to be published and/or self published traditionally, via social media and online. This manuscript is a memoir from my not so normal child hood growing up in a devout catholic household. Its the first in a 3 book series. must be able to collaborate with or provide marketing expertise as well. The manuscript consists of 8 chapters totalling 60k words. I would like to negotiate a front to back proposal. At this point I'm collecting pricing for the scope of services needed. I am in the process of raising funds to pay for these professional services and need to provide a budget. I'm not necessarily looking for the lowest price, but rather the most qualified for this specific project. The complete title of my book is "Confessions of a Catholic Alter Boy, its a damn novella by Mark Somers". The chapter titles are 1. Slap on the Bare arse. 2. Tigers ,Kittens and Raspberries. 3. Alien Nations 4 Protestant Watermelon 5 Mark Willy and Jeff the Nxxxxr. 6. the chiclet incident 7.The St Patrick Alter Boys. 8. Smoking in Church was Good.
Chapter 4 Protestent Watermelons..docx
my mother Norma started the catholic/protestant issue in virginia. Google what its become today