I am looking for a photographer within 30 to 40 miles of Dallas, TX. I don't require an expert photographer but I do need someone with some photography experience and who is comfortable touching up photos and using Photoshop to make basic changes, enhance colors, lighting, etc.

I am self-publishing a children's book that I wrote and illustrated on Amazon. Because my illustrations are collages which have some 3 dimensional components, I need a photographer to take high quality photographs of all 28 illustrations. In my vision, the photographs of each illustration would have warm lighting that comes in at an angle so that the 3-D objects create their own natural shadows.

Ideally, I would love to work with someone who is familiar with self-publishing eBooks/Kindle or will be able to review Amazon's formatting requirements and adjust the pictures to comply.

I attached a picture I took with my phone so you can have an idea of what my illustrations look like. All 28 illustrations are physically the exact same size 12 inch x 12 inch.
One of my illustrations (using phone camera)