Hi there

I am looking to produce a music video of one of my recently professionally recorded songs.
The song is called Sumi and Suki. It is upbeat, a driving “rock and roll” in genre, produced to a professional level.

I just thought I would clarify the brief as the style of animation I require may not have been clear. I am looking for Anime/Manga style as in classic Japanese animations. I have some references I can provide that gives an idea of the look of the two main characters: Suki and Sumi.

The storyline of the song is about a guy and a girl who leave Japan to visit England. It is about breaking free and wanting to express themselves more creatively as individuals. The song does not take itself too seriously and has a fun, slightly wacky, any, surreal element. It is also a metaphor for the huge creative explosion that took place in the 1960s in the UK.

I think the song, just under 3 minutes 40 seconds, will lend itself to Anime and should be a fun project to work on as well as a useful asset for the creator’s portfolio/showreel.

• So the key elements are:
• Need good characterisation of Suki and Simi.
• Creative interpretation of the scenes and good animation.
• Energy
• Needs to cut to the beat.

The chorus which features 2 times can have that scene repeated.

Look forward to hearing from you!