I'm looking for an artist to draw the script that I've written for a comic called Flood(Gate). The objective I had while writing this was to write a story about individuals with abilities where the reader forgets that the characters have super powers. If published this would be my first comic published.

Visually, I'm interested in evoking the mood of the panel in how its drawn (in contrast to a consistent approach to illustration for each panel). It'd be interesting to have some panels showing the lush details of the world while other panels mostly empty to emulate the emotion that we feel day-to-day (which can make the busiest space feel barren, or vice versa). I'm interested in working with the artist to determine the visual pacing of the comic which will be interwoven with the pacing of the dialogue and story. As far as style is concerned, I'm looking for something more realistic (rather than cartoony) in black & white. However I am also interested in working with the artist to develop a particular style that feels specific to the story.

This comic is a four chapter series, with four additional profiles of the characters
with abilities that ties into the story (two of which are not explicitly mentioned in the story but change how the viewer reads the story). Chapter lengths vary, with the first chapter being 50 pages, the second 46, third 52, and the fourth 51. All of these page counts are not including the ability profiles, which are two pages each save for the one after the fourth chapter which is four pages. For the moment, I am only interested in getting the first chapter drawn and inked.

If interested, let me know and I will send over the pitch that I have ready (I don't want to post it directly on the internet) and if the project sounds compelling then we can start discussing details (including pricing which I have intentionally left blank).