Hello. In the process of writing a short comic story dedicated to a my small group of co-workers of 8 years. I will be leaving my company to pursue a passion.

This comic will take place in present day. It involves a group of middle school children (us) who discover they live in a town of AI robots. It's a short story with some comedy, suspense and mystery.

I'm looking for a someone who can help me create my vision so I may publish it and gift it. I want to reserve all rights to the project. Creator/Illustrator will be provided the credit on the comic and will be able to use for their professional profile if they wish.

TIMELINE: I expect to complete a manuscript in the next month or so and I would like the project completed and ready for publishing by late winter or early spring.

PROJECT: Thinking roughly 10-20 pages front and back not including cover and backpage, colored, and digitally processed and able to print on gloss. File format must be able to convert to PDF.

COMPENSATION: FLEXIBLE but still want to stay in a budget. I'd prefer to pay in phases...1. Hire 2. rough sketch 3. final sketch 4. final draft. OR If we can agree on a payment plan.


Thank you for your interest. Looking forward to hearing what you have to offer and viewing your profile.

I'm easy to work with. YOU'RE THE CREATOR, help me make my vision!