If you are an avid reader or just like writing short articles, then you are the person I am looking for. We are building a promotional service for authors and need more people like you.

I simply ask that you provide some evidence of articles you have written about books you have read such as on your own blog site or on bookstore sites like Amazon and Goodreads.

The articles we will ask you to write will be a minimum of 150 to 300 words (or longer if you prefer). Longer term, we are looking for people to hire on a permanent basis but for now I ask that you write 3 articles within 5 days.

For each of the 150 to 300 word articles I will pay $8, making a total of $24 that you will be asked to post on the internet. After this I will commission you for$40-$80 assignments.

Candidates we seek:
- You have experience in writing articles in external websites such as popular bookstores like Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or Goodreads
- You can write good English.
- You can write short articles in a short time.

If satisfied with your work, I will hire you for more regular work.