Hi there.

I’m a full back piece tattoo.
Might be a bit hard to explain but I’ll give it my best.

I want a good vs evil tattoo.
I want like a massive all out war of good v evil.
I want the left half of my back to vertical to be the good side and the right hand side to be the evil side.
So left hand the angles and sunny and nice like buildings etc and the right hand side obviously darker more gloomy.
I want a heap of angles and devils to be fighting each other with swords and shields etc with both sides trying to get into each other’s sides to obviously win and take control.
I want it to go up the back and side of my neck with a good angel whispering into my ear my left and bad angel whispering into my right ear. I hahe attaches a pick of a Demond whispering in the ear like that but a good angel and dark angel as it looks a lot more presentable.

I went to the Lourve a few years ago and saw the most amazing painting of a similar thing but I can remember what that painting was called.