I have a logo in mind that consists of a transparent brain with an attached strong-arm emphasising 2 ideas. 1) the brain ought to be exercised like a muscly arm and 2) the mind-body connection between the brain and muscle.

The logo will consist of a black background with text across the top taking up 50-60% of the logo (Nick's REASON) with the reason being in the form of a traditional Ink stamp.

The brain and arm will be transparent with the use of a gradient of the color red.

The color of the text will match that of the picture.

The picture will take up roughly 20-30% of the bottom right of the logo.

In the bottom left corner taking up roughly 10-15 % is the txt (Scientia et Ratio) which will also be colored as per the logo.

I can organise paid for stock photos such as a picture of the brain, REASON stamp & arm if necessary.

I am only in need of the one design but custom sized options to fit the background picture of FB, Twitter, YT, and LinkedIn.

I am not sure how much to put in the payment section, though I am open to quotes.
Nick's Reason 1.jpg
This is a rough guide as to what I want to achieve.