Looking for a recent computer science graduate or junior engineer to help us in developing advanced animation systems for large open world character based games. They should have strong coding skills, an interest in character animation, and passion for our games.

RESPONSIBILITIES Join our core animation technology team and work closely with gameplay teams across different studios. Help us develop, maintain, extend and support an extensive runtime animation system, pipeline and tools. Learn to implement well designed, robust, highly optimal new animation system features, integrating them into our existing animation, physics and AI systems. As your skills and experience grow, independently research and develop improvements to continuously push our technology forward.

QUALIFICATIONS Degree in computer science or related discipline. Strong C/C++ programming skills, OO design skills and 3D math background. Interest in learning about character animation technology. Passion for character based games, good eye for character and animation aesthetics. Familiarity with common optimization and multi-threading techniques. Experience developing software within a group/team or working with a large existing codebase. Good communication skills, ability to clearly share complex technical information both with other programmers and artists. Any knowledge of character animation technology (e.g. blend trees, animation compression techniques, animation blending/parameterization, IK).