I'm looking for about 20-25 color illustrations for a children's book (age 4-7) that teaches kids about solar panels, wind turbines and tidal energy - so you would need to be able to draw these images.

The setting is on a tropical island with forest/jungle, rivers, lagoons, beaches. There are 2 main characters: 1. "The Meeh" - a greedy, scruffy guy 25-35 years old who has been sailing a long time and finds the island. 2. "The Why-entist" - an island young woman, 18-25 years old, who is a scientist and environmentalist. Supporting characters in each illustration demonstrate the mood/emotions in that part of the story are 2 chameleons that change color.

If possible I'd like to get a sample Illustration of what you envision - here are some scenes in the book - #1- Picture of the Meeh (in sailboat arriving in the bay), two little chameleons looking curious, and a grass hut on stilts in the background with a hammock out front.

#2 - The Meeh, Whyentist, Kids and grown-ups arriving at the beach in the gray haze, the Whyentist already erecting panels, turbines, some in the water putting in tidal turbines. Chameleons dancing, music notes overhead...this is the renewable energy farm they are building. I can meet in person as I live near Denver if that would help. This is my first book and I am super excited to find a local illustrator!