IMPORTANT - We are budgeting upwards to $2,000 for this project / final completion. We left it as open because we want to have a bunch of editors submit small samples - we will pay $20 each for approx 1/2 hour worth of work - and then we will choose the final editor based on those. If you are serious about working on this project, please submit your bid amount in the reply and if we like your work we will hire you for the $20 sample. All of the clips, the audio, and the map are available in the links below.

Hi, I am Kim Patrick working as artist manager with VIBR8. We have an artist Franchise for whom we have shot a video and need a very clean technical yet creatively dynamic edit. Video was shot in Magic Lantern RAW 3.5K 2.72:1 10bit on Canon 5d M3. The song is about 4 minutes long (attached rough mix). Edit only, no color correction at this point (we can discuss later if you do this also).

Our target audience is ... pop music fans. So quite a broad audience. But primarily females 14-26. It's a love song about heartbreak and redemption so the video is meant to be cute and touching so we want the edit to help bring out this emotion.

Basic design concept is to create a moving collage style music video. We have done many of the collage type of videos ( but did those with an iPhone and decided to take the concept to a completely different level. The plan for this one is full frame 16:9.

We have 4 characters (outfits / hair) with 3 looks for each. The idea is each character is assigned a voice (ie. character 1 = lead / character 3 = harmony / character 2 = backgrounds / character 4 = chant or hook only. The lead will pretty much always maintain the center (or at least majority) of the frame and the sizes appropriate for the different roles - they can move around the screen and shift position as the voices come and go.

Thus unlike the old static collages, the visual appearance of this college - including the number of characters seen - should morph as the song plays depending on which voices are present. There could be anywhere from 1 to 14+ characters on the screen at the same time. Some of the characters can / should be mirrored / doubled for effect as well, meaning the possibilities are endless.

You must be very organized to be able to keep track of all the voices and which voices come in where, so as to manipulate the number of boxes in the collage in real time. We have tried to make this easy with a spreadsheet showing when each comes in and how many characters on screen for each section.

The details as to how it will look with 1 vs 3 vs 4 vs 6 vs 12 etc characters on screen and how the screen changes from one to another are the KEY points in this project. We are going to want to work extensively to get this just right! Also there's lot of moving pieces (literally) so it's easy to get lost in the details as to which character belongs to which voice etc etc etc. Believe us we realize. But we need someone who will get it right!

We are using Beyonce's Countdown video as another source of inspiration which will give you an idea what we want (16:9, full frame format) (link removed) particularly the frames 0:26, 0:32, 0:35.

That said, not looking to copy, looking for someone to make something unique. We want a very dynamic sort of morphing between views showing the different characters from each part of the song. How the different squares appear / disappear from the screen, interact / move while shown, and other effects are where we are looking for sometime to really inject editing creativity to this project. We have submitted a "test edit" just to give you some springboard of ideas. We expect the final project to be way better than this of course, but just in case you needed another visual (

If this all sounds / looks good, we will accept a bunch of offers for a 30 min project to submit a sample clip using our actual footage (download below) demonstrating the skills / creativity with framing especially needed for this project. It doesn't have to be longer than 15-20 seconds or so, but we want to see you have the technical prowess and attention to detail for this project.

Here is a link to all of the files, they are labeled as shown in the spreadsheet as well so everything should match up. Rough draft of track is attached.