We are producing a 2 minute "teaser Movie Trailer" to promote the screenplay of the Thrill Rider Movie we hope to have made.

The Job will consist of producing "layered" .psd images of 40-50 short 3-5 second Action Shot Sequences- these will be animated by 2D animators and have a sound track applied to create the teaser Trailer. Imagine doing the images for animating the "Mission Impossible - Fallout trailer".

Once finished, the Trailer will be sent to Canadian and USA Producers/Netflix/Hulu/Amazon. You will get credit as Lead Artist. Good exposure.

The "process" will consist of providing you with a sketch of the action sequence - you do a rough sketch - get feedback - refine the sketch and once we are on the same page... you do the finished layered .psd file. That will then be 2D animated and have a sound track applied. If there are characters we may need face on, lateral or 45 degree views of faces for animation.



A dishonorably discharged young Army vet seeking redemption finds himself drawn into a web of high tech domestic terrorism.

Synopsis: Thrill Rider


Life is not fair. Orphaned at 7, SCOTT GIBSON grew up at the Georgia Peach, an aging Family Entertainment park, 75 miles South of Atlanta. A high school athlete he dreamed of modernizing the Peach, the economic lifeblood of the small town of Mason Bridge, Georgia. Then came 911. Scott joined the Army Air Core the day after he finished high school intending to strike back that the entity that had attacked his Country. In 6 months he was a drone pilot in Afghanistan, now 3 years later he is back home with a dishonorable discharge and PTSD only to find that the Georgia Peach is closing. An unexpected invitation to participate in a Super Coaster Lottery provides a chance to save the Park, the small town and redeem himself, but will expose Scott to a far greater evil than el-Qaeda, hidden deep inside the Government of the Country he had sworn to defend.


Please see our website at - we are looking for somewhere between Watchmen and Tin Tin- we are hoping to get the viewer emotionally involved with interesting characters and great animation and sound. Not cartoonish but not dark and bloody like Watchmen.

Most of the short Trailer Shots will be centered around Scott Mason (our Protagonist) other characters will generally only have 1-2 perspectives.

Communication is critical, so a solid understanding of English is essential during this process to make it as efficient as possible.

The right Artist will be excited about making this animated graphic novel Trailer "special".


We hope to have all of the Shot Scenes done and sent to animation within 4-6 weeks. This is not a deal breaker but we want to get finished and start distribution.


Our goal is to make the FULL LENGTH (120 minute) animated film. If your work helps get us funding (this is anything but a sure thing) you will get offered work on the full production at a better rate. You may also use the finished trailer in your Portfolio. Your work will be seen by people from a variety of industry professionals.

Having said that, it is a lot of work for not a great deal of money (hey ! we are at this stage 'MICROBUDGET") so don't apply if you can't get excited about doing the Thrill Rider Project like we are.

If interested, and you have the GRAPHIC NOVEL art skills, we will provide you with an example of the "process" and you can try it and see what's involved.

Thank you for considering this opportunity.
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Graphic Novel Cover