I recently started a business of autolike, follow, unfollow, etc. on Instagram

I am now looking for a freelance or company that can build an automatic system like or similar.

These sites have a frontend where the customer can buy several renewable packages monthly with a three-day free trial.

The backend instead is an online bot that following the parameters chosen by the customer begins to work automatically on Instagram (auto like, auto follow, unfollow, automatic verification of the customer's Instagram account, and much more depending on the type of package purchased ).

In the user area the customer also has all the reports with the real time statistics of the bot's work, can also set the speed of the bot and the targets per user, hashtag or geographic area.

To better understand what I mean just register on instamigos or one of these websites and activate a free trial in order to enter the backend and see all that is inside.

I would need a system identical both in the frontend and in the backend.

please indicate the approximate work times and the estimate.