Seeking a dynamic illustrator based in Portland, OR to develop a graphic novel that will also be used as the basis for storyboards for a film. You will be not just a hired gun, but a collaborator, working with the writer and director to refine the story and contribute your own passion and vision for the project.

"THESE STEPS, ASC(END)ING; FALLING, INTO HER DREAM" is a sorrowful tale of a couple who explore the limits of their own mortality, in search for a cure for their dying son, and their conflict with a demon who offers them an answer.

An excerpt from the narrative:

Night hangs thickly, covering the sprawling city in a forbidden dim, muting the lonely eyes of the people’s fear, compelling them to hide within their darkened and claustrophobic chambers. Curtains are quietly drawn. The inhabitants recede. Incandescent lights glow achingly against the darkness, straining against the shadows of unbelief. Paralysis. Disillusion. Despair.

The streets are quiet and empty. Distant lights hover, then flee like scattering fireflies. We drift among the buildings, feeling the loneliness of silent and fathomless apparitions.

Leah and Rhys embrace in their bedroom. They are tall, chiseled, physically present beings, who have sustained the gloom of many such nights, drawing on the vital and intense power of their enduring bond. But the dark of this evening casts shadows of particular potency, and they hold each other as if this was their last time. The knowing, the maddening sound of the falling sands, has driven them into a heightened state of intimacy and defiance. Desperation. Tenderness. Sorrow.