Hello, I am the manager of a small indepedent animtion studio called The Lost Princess Studios, and we are looking for 3D Animators to help us build models of characters and settings, as well as helping us to get our trailer and pilot finished by our deadlines.

We are currently putting together three different projects. The first is called 'The Lost Princess Series'. This is a dystopian fantasy series that follows the story of an angel who struggles to keep his faith through many difficult trials. He teams up with two unlikely friends and attempts to overthrow the Devil himself! It is a story about loss and redemption, and the ability to get a second chance even if it's not always deserved.

The second is a movie called 'Haunter of the Woods'. this is a horror/psychological thriller movie that follows 5 teenagers to an untimely death by the hands of a seemingly unknown killer. No one knows what truly happened and the truth is buried with the five.

The third is a three part film series called 'The Game of Life'. This is a sci-fi dystopian series that borrows from the simulation theory. The idea that everything is fake and we’re all living in a simulation constructed by a superior society ahead of our time. It’d be a three part series which would focus on a group of friends thrown into this journey of discovering that the world they know is a lie and that once they know this truth they become enemies of the state or “Degenerates” and will have to make a choice to fight against this system and perhaps escape the simulation.

We need animators who have at least one year of experience, we have an animation director, but we need people who are willing to work as a team to get all of our projects finished in a timely fashion. This will preferably be a long term position though I understand that this is a freelance site and therefore people may only be on for one part of the project, but if anyone is able to join full time, please let me know because we need all of the help we can get.

Pay will be $11.50 per hour, and you will get paid monthly for your work, if you do join full time there will be a sheet where you can log your hours for how much work you have done.
This is the logo for our studio
Young Elisabeth t-pose.jpg
A character from The Lost Princess Series created by one our artists Tristen
David t-pose.jpg
Another character from The Lost Princess created by our team