need help with my online business

I currently live in Carlisle but i, wanting to move to Scotland asap, within the next two months or less, mainly for health reasons and so i can get my online businesses up and running. I'm wanting to create a online business so I'm able to afford the things I need for my health, afford more things and have a much better source of income and top be able to live the live I want to.

Im using

for my businesses and they’re all affiliate, referral, cpa based and I've set up my business Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram pages and I've recently paid someone to set up my website and I've currently paid someone to set up my email list. In case you ask I'm good with computers and I'm not completely new to online marketing as ive learnt quite a lot in the last several months.

I'm wanting to pay you to help me with getting them started, as in with the actual marketing and I also want to pay you to do some of the marketing and management partly for a certain amount of time each month, to give my businesses a boost and just for a bit of support.

The main aspect I'm wanting help in with my marketing, is to provide me with regular tips and strategies in my marketing and help with any problems I may have with, but also to go through with you on everything on my marketing strategy and to see if it could be improved. I really need to pay someone for this as it's taken much longer than expected as I haven’t had anyone to help me with it, to speed things up.

I'm the process of finding somewhere cheap in Scotland, preferably Edinburgh, Glasgow or Dundee mainly and a few other places, but I will most likely have this sorted with a max of two months and moved down there, but I'm wanting to start as soon as I move down there to get things moving forward. I'm on benefits and I get a total of 893 but some of that will pay for rent and bills and a few other things. I can pay higher if things go well and depending on if I'm able to start making money within a few months.

I'm asking now so I can plan ahead and to save time, but are you willing to help me with this as I really need some help with this asap, but I can’t pay too large amounts, but if you can discuss all this further with me and price?

I'm looking to pay hourly of at least £15 for the time being to see how well you do!
please no agencies!