If you are a well seasoned comic book artist or artists, who can draw a very wide range of things, then you may be exactly what I'm looking for.

Chaotic Flux:

In the distant future, humanity lies heavily on its last shred of hope. Ravaged by global pollution, massive human greed, and barely fending off an alien invasion less than two decades ago, mankind now must face new and unspeakable horrors.

On the verge of the extinction of almost the all life on Earth, a last-ditch effort for survival is in the hands of six very brave individuals. Each with their own unique and powerful gifts, the likes of which their world has never quite seen before.

They will all be pushed to their absolute limits in order to stop a devastating global plague of life devouring and highly adaptive abominations. However, a new and even more powerful threat lies just over the horizon...

I've written the script for issue #1 and am working on issue #2 now. The early reviews I've gotten have been great. I've also started some character designing.

This will be a VERY high concept and long series. Consisting of a wide range of genres. It's an amalgamation of Sci-Fi, Superhero, heavy action/adventure, fantasy, horror, and deep drama, with a powerful love story. This sounds like a wild mix, but I've figured out how to make it all work and tell a great overall story at the same time.

There are strong elements of The X-Men, WATCHMEN, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, the Resident Evil game series, and classic 80's/90's mecha and robotics anime all making up, again, this highly ambitious project.

The art in this book will range from all of the genres I've mentioned above. As well as mecha like design work and mechanical machinery. The story also consists of a lot of high action and emotional drama. Also at times, gore and graphic violence. All of these are requirements for art in the book.

The overall art style I'm looking for is dark and realistic, yet stylized. With kind of west meets eastern blend.

I am looking to raise the bar with this book. In story, art, style, and genre-bending.

I will not settle for anything less. I really believe this book has the potential to be something truly great. To be truly special.

So if you think you've got what I'm looking for to shake up what people traditionally think of as comic books and any of the genres involved, then come on an join me and let's do this thing. Together.

What I will need up front from my artist(s):

Detailed character designs for promotional use and visually striking promotional art. For YouTube videos and a Facebook page for promoting the CROWDFUNDING of the project. Then later posters, T-Shirts, desktop wallpapers, and that sort of thing.

As well, of course, the art of the actual comic issues.

The promotional art will be for raising interest in the project and getting people to help fund it. YOU WILL BE PAID for all used work on the project.

NOTE: Just because I am crowdfunding, DOES NOT MEAN you have to wait to get paid. As soon as ANY work is approved, you will be well compensated for your contribution and hard work.

There will be a contract to make everything legit and good for everyone involved.

Another thing to note is that I am looking to do a split pay program with you if you are interested. Meaning, all money made off of this project will be split between myself and all the artists involved. This includes merchandise based on the project.

So if would like to hop on this awesome and unforgettable ride, then please apply for the job.

I've attached a preview of the story, for anyone who wants to know more about it.

Hello all. Sorry I have given many updates. I've been pretty busy with going through applicants, trying to promote this project, doing my day job, and making time to do things with my wife.

I do have an assistant now, so things are starting to pick up more. But even with that being said, I ask that you please bear with me a little longer. I appreciate your patience.

I am still waiting for about 2 more weeks to decide on my picks. As while the influx applicants have slowed down, I am still averaging a little over 10 a day. And I want to give enough time for everyone to throw their hat into the ring, who want to.

Again, I thank you all so much for your patience and I'll make another update here in about 5 days or so.

Here are a couple of character bios I've recently written, for anyone who wants to check them out and get more of an idea for the project.

Thank you to everyone who has applied for the Chaotic Flux artist job.

I have now chosen my artist and am closing the search. Again, thank you all for the great interest in this project. I will keep you all in mind for future art projects.

-Scott Payne
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Chaotic Flux preview.pdf
World set up and Dreadfiend origin.