Hi, we have a Linux operating system and are looking for someone to program our interface to have four inputs entered before starting with a G code program to make it so that an un-trained operator can easily operate the CNC machine and start the process. We work with stone kitchen countertops and have standard a list of cutouts with draining grooves which has to be machined in different positions on the countertops.

We require the following process:
1. The operator will load the workpiece onto the machine with the back left corner of the piece touching against the machine zero position. We have backing plates on the machine at the back and left against which the piece is pushed.
2. The Operator will receive a drawing which indicates the X & Y incremental distances to the starting point of the machining from the machine zero position(back left corner of the workpiece). The stone thickness will also be shown on the drawing.
3. The operator must select or enter the following parameters/variables:
a. Select the program (Cutout type) to be machined
b. Type in the distance of the X movement to the machining starting point which is written on the drawing.
c. Type in the distance of the Y movement to the machining starting point which is written on the drawing. This distance will be entered as a positive amount must appear as a negative amount in the G code
d. Type in the thickness of the workpiece. This thickness will be used in a calculation to determine the Z movement tp the machining point. The machine must then determine how far to move down to start with the progress.
4. We require a simple interface with only the inputs as per (a) – (d) above. There must be no code inputs or changes required.

Please apply for job if interested.