Finish .net task management productivity program. The program is 95% complete

Task Manager
• Purpose
• Manager tasks
• Manage projects
• Manager teams
• Fast, FREE, Easy to use! No downloads
• Names
• Home Page
• Personal Task
• Assigned Tasks
• accept extension for X days.
• w/completed button and details
• Task Page
• Short Description of Task
• Details
• Start Date
• Drop down calendar
• Completion date
• Drop down
• Review Date
• Assigned to
• Self
• Email address
• Individuals
• email address
• Teams
• email addresses
• Priority
• Contact Phone Number
• permission to extend completion date
• Yes or No
• Request to extend
• on the task form received by Assignee
• Nag factor or level
• Review date
• Delivery date
• Now
• Later
• or tied to previous task completion
• Recurring
• Should look lik outlook
• Multiple assignees
• Assignors/Assignees phone #'s email and name
• Attachments Browse
• Time of day. need to consider time zones set to computers time.
• [ Priority: 5 ] [ Percent Done: 50% ] When you are sent a task it automatically opens an account holding your tasks. they should enter a pass code. Default pass code is 123456 Should we random apply pass codes to new users and then let them change it whenever they want?
• Assignee page
• When you get a task in your email for the 1st time it takes you to MDTM's home page where you can operate as a guest or registered user. The system will already have your name and email. There will be no need to register at that point, just register a pass word.
• You can change your name and details except for email address at this time
• When you check completed on a task it opens a popup that allows you to send a note to the assignor
• Reports
• Self tasks
• Assignor
• Assignee
• Assigned Tasks
• Assignee
• email assignee: Button w/accept or decline takes you to web page
• Assignor
• Sorts on new, unfinished, completed, start date, completion date,

To use your application:

• When you register, it should give you an icon in your tray. That will take you to your home page
• Notices
• Notifies that they haven't opened or dealt with the email or task anywhere they push on the page takes them to the website
• Also notifies Assignor
• Notes
• Can you click on a button in an email and have it input it to the website
• Words: Ballbuster Assignment Designate Assign undertaking Manhattan Project Project Management Discipline Optimize Allocation Dependency Gantt Charts Terminal Elements Float event chain
• Mad Dog Task Manager
• Planning phases
• Planning
• Organizing
• Commanding
• Coordinating
• Controlling
• Task Manager needs to look like a 5 X 7 card
• Use as many dropdowns as possible
• Need to be able to delay delivery of a task---It could be tied to the completion of a previous task

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