We have a title that is in the works to be published on Steam and other CDN's in the future. We are in need of a full website (we have the domain purchased) to include modern graphics (we can help provide this) as well as modern UI elements (buttons, widgets, etc). We are placing emphasis on having a forum on the site as well that we would be able to maintain and administrate but we'll need help setting that up.

The prospective developer can NOT rely on things like Dreamweaver for the site as we could do that ourselves. The site itself would be turned over to us upon completion of the project and we would consider a long term support contract with the developer provided we are satisfied with the sites look, feel and functionality.

The pay is actually variable depending on the depth and function of the site, but we are posting 500$ as an average. It could go up or down depending on what you're capable of combined with the complexity of the site you build. We will set the price before you begin work.

NOTE!!!!!!!! We do NOT pay ahead of time for the work. You will need to show us a completed product before we pay. We are not opposed to staging your pay through paypal but for anyone outside of the US, the funds are not released until we have the site completed and we can verify that it works. For US contractors, we have a contract that you'd sign which guarantees your pay for the work you do but as with foreign contractors, the funds are only released upon completion of the work.