Looking for someone to put animation into a live action movie.
I want the animation to be hand drawn.

The movie will be shot live action with one actor and a doll baby. The baby will be animated in post to be a character.
I also want the lighting in the room to be as cartoonish as possible.
It is an extremely dark movie with heavily graphic scenes. I want to present parallel feelings of happiness and darkness.
For one scene I want to achieve a beautiful sparkling light beaming down onto a mother and child.
For the most part of the rest of the movie It will be dark with a beam of moonlight shining down.
Both settings will have lighting set ups as close to what I want it to look like and then in post we will add subtle animation to the lighting and solid animation to the baby.

The movie should only be about 5 minutes long.
Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 8.09.23 PM 1.jpg
Inspiration of happy lighting
inspiration of lighting for the dark scene