Looking for someone experienced in doing post-production audio for feature films. We have just finished our first indie feature film, a horror-film noir, and it requires extensive post-audio work. Audio clean-up is a big one for us, and to a certain degree foley work, as parts of the film there is extensive background and location audio pollution, as well as audio fidelity issues.

There are portions of the film that we're doing ADR sessions for. The overall length of the film is 2.5 hours.

Depending on your expertise, we are willing to divvy up the work needed among 2-3 companies or individuals to make sure we're getting the best people to do what they're good at.

For audio clean-up, we're not expecting miracles, but a qualified person who can make the differentiation between audio that can once cleaned up can merge with the overall sound mix, and sections or parts where ADR is needed.

We're looking for:

- audio clean-up (very experienced)
- some foley, background audio bed
- audio sound mix, stereo & 5.1
- audio mastering

We can also divide the work up, and the price quote, in sections and break it down that way.

Thanks to all who apply:)