l wrote a really fun, meaningful, moral picture book about being kind to others. The story uses birds of different colors to represent people of all different walks of life. I’ve looked through hundreds of portfolios. And there are so many great artist out there, but I’m looking for something completely unique and fun. Like Dr Suess is unique and fun, and Shel Silverstein is unique and fun... Shel’s stuff l feel like the average person could draw on a bar napkin... but it’s so Shel.

The book talks about colors a lot though, so I’m looking for something colorful, fun, not digital, and something my grandma would like just as much as my 3 year old nephew. It’s hard to explain, but l can’t stress enough how much I’m looking for a style that is just different than every other book. l already have two books written and I’m working on my third. l think l can bang these books out so I’m searching for an artist to team up with. And l want people to know from a mile away when they see one of our books that it’s one of our books. So if anyone out there thinks they have what I’m looking for, please please please give it a shot. It’s all about birds and trees, so runaway with it. Send me a test. Its called The Little Blue Bird, and that’s the main character. But he buddies up with a pretty green bird, a nice little white bird, and a pink bird. And by the end they’re group grows into hundreds of birds of all different colors and sizes... l love colored pencil, l love watercolor, but I’m completely open minded. And l think I’m going to need about 20 or so illustrations. Let me see what you got artists!