I am looking for a 2D animator to help bring my seven-page script to life.

I will pay what’s needed but am definitely looking for more beginners or animators that are looking more for experience. I am looking for people with the style that has a haunted and disturbing feel, so if your style fits that, you’d be a perfect fit.

I want this film to really haunt people both in its story and the way its visually told.

I am very open to collaborating and brainstorming as well, this will be a joint effort, but I will do all the behind the scenes work as needed to make your job easier: I'll know what I want in terms of shots and movement, and the people in the film will mirror the actors I cast, so they'll be animated in reference to how they look in real life. You'll just be doing all the illustration/animation part from start to finish. But there aren't many locations so there won't be a lot of background change.

I’ll have all dialogue recorded before, and all other sound will be added in after.

Please reply with any clips you can show of stuff you've done, but what you feel you'd do it for in terms of monetary compensation.