Expert to be part of a dynamic team to bring an already patented scanning device from conceptual idea to Proof of Concept (PoC) Prototype:

• expert at design of borescope or orthoscopic type systems
• using fiber optic remote laser and photo-optics and/or structured light and camera devices
• 3D measuring providing standard point cloud output for conversion to a 3D CAM solid
• fully up to date on the commercial application and state of the art off-the-shelf components
• PoC prototype is to represent and demonstrate what will be fully developed in the next phase

Be part of the inventor's Internet based contract team including: an electro-mechanical design engineer, an Industrial Designer, an electrical engineer and a software engineer.

If selected, you will be expected to do a formal proposal with your ideas on how to bring the project to fruition, along with your budget, time line, milestones and work scope in order to be awarded the contract.

Pay is negotiable,