I am looking for an artist to collaborate on an original graphic novel script I have written (available to read in both screenplay format and a more detailed, panel-by-panel version). Specifically, I need a penciller/inker, but an all-in-one colorist/letter would also be amazing—completely open to negotiation. (For now, the goal is to publish digitally.)

Here's the logline:

"When the President of the United States and First Lady are kidnapped in the middle of a new ride at the world-famous Mythic Park, it's up to their two young children and a ragtag group of Characters to navigate through the park's many attractions and rescue the First Couple before it's too late!"

As you may have figured out, this project is a family-friendly comedy-adventure set in a mega-theme park. As such, the artwork will involve a lot of visual world-building and ride/character design—everything from riverboat rides and roller coasters to animal-costumed criminals and fairy-tale princesses—an artist's sandbox! (Love of parks like Disneyland and Universal a plus!)

I've also attached what will be the first five pages of the script, so you get a better sense of the story.

I'm personally based out of LA, but if you live elsewhere, I'm cool with communicating by email and phone.

I'm very serious about getting this project off the ground, so a likeminded, dedicated partner is a must. I'm open to different art styles, but much of the story is comedy-driven, so a firm grasp of depicting human emotion is a key factor.

Please apply, if interested, and we can talk more in-depth about page rates, character development, etc.
Mythic Park (First 5 Pages).pdf
First 5 pages of the script