The goal is to be the goto for everything sustainable. A detailed overview is attached as “Manifesto”.pdf

Pay can be hourly or by project. Please contact to discuss.

There are a bunch of things I need help with:

I. Website writing tasks - i) content ii) blog posts and social media. See "cfc website overview".pdf
2. Marketing and PR awareness campaigns in both main stream news and social media. See attachment : "Campaign Offer".pdf
3. Social Media and SEO See attachment in 2.)
4. Crowd Funding Campaigns : both profit and nonprofit. . See attachment in 2.
5. Videography
6. 3D CAD modeling
7. Thermodynamics analysis TRNSYS
8. EV and Battery Tech.

The site is new and ambitious. And its actually 2 sites (crazy ambitious!!!) haah so there is plenty of content and social media awareness to create!!
The 2 sites are:


The goal is to be the go to spot for everything sustainable.

The CFC website will be rolled out as sections get completed.

CLASSIFIED SECTION: of sustainable energy items (solar, wind, EV's etc) and free stuff and almost complete

DIY SECTION with social media style interface.

USEFUL INFO SECTION: on solar, wind, EV’s, Energy Audit

i) $10,000 EV with 300km range
Essentially refurbishing used EV from the first 2011,12,13 round with new larger batteries.

ii) build prototype for home solar CHP Central Heat and Power system similar to

To achieve the carbonless households for free goal, there are administrative rules and regulations that stand in the way - namely THE MAN. "Fight The MAN! Join The Collective!!

The Common Law Fund will have: i) a legal wiki section, ii) Legal Forms Section for the various courts. iii) Supreme court rulings feed, iv) and a weekly or bimonthly vote on a question of social interest.

With help from The Collective the CLF will modify the common law - litterally with successive appeals to Canadas Supreme Court.

For some fun with section iv above. I want to tally the results of how true commoners vote on specific legal issues and compare that to the common law jurisprudence. The 99% will be shocked to see how judges have ruled on matters that affect us commoners. And for no good or legal reason but purely for power and control . WTF!!

Are you interested in any of those topic? Lets getter done!!! Is gonna be tonnes of fun!!

A more detailed overview of what I am trying to do is provided below.

How much would you save if all of your car and house utilities were provided free of charge? Hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars per month if you have a long daily commute or a lot of square feet to heat.

The CLF (Commoners Law Fund) and CFC (Carbon Free Collective) are 2 distinct branches / brandings of a registered non-profit corporation whose purpose is to do just that! Convert individual households from carbon based energy to carbonless free sustainable energy.

This is achieved by the cost effective implementation of solar home heat and power and EV (electric vehicle) technologies.

Most sustainable energy non-profits out there currently, only do awareness campaigns.

To really make a difference effort needs to be put into implementation at the grass roots level. Adding one installation; and eliminating one barrier to that implementation, at a time.

A more principaled description of our objectives is attached - OVERVIEW CFL & CFC.
CFC (Carbon Free Collective) will take a BIG (huge!!) bite out of household carbon emissions by replacing i) the family’s gas gussler with an affordable PRACTICAL EV (<$10k with 300k range) and ii) replacing fossil fuel based home utilities with solar PV+T CHP (Central Heat and Power) - similar to Drake Landing Solar Community in Alberta - . Mouse click on the temperature ikon in the left side task bar and see the 100% solar heating system operating in real time. Very cool!! and hot!

Technology & cost are no longer the limiting factors in going carbon free, cold turkey. The only barrier to the transition is our resistance to change and the human need for power and greed.

The suns energy is ubiquitous and free. Unlike oil and grid based utilities, there is no monopoly over this wide spread distributed power source. Its free for the taking - what the F are we doing wasting our hard earned money on fossil fuels for????

Living synergistically with the earth! Litterally one with the universe; powered by the sun at the center of our solar system. Thats beauty man!! haha This is an inspirational video

We are lulled to sleep by cheap energy. It ain’t so cheap anymore. Look at what we are doing to our weather!! WAter and ice resources

Canadians need to wake up!! Get off the sidelines!!
Start taking advantage of the cost and time savings this renewable energy Solar Age Revolution can provide.


By now the auto industry has produced a sufficient surplus of 1st generation EV’s. Super cheap used EV’s that can be cost effectively refurbished with new battery technology to create an under $10,000 EV with a 300km range.

EV’s with range need no longer be just for the rich. And just as EV’s go, so to should solar powered homes.


Given our Canadian winters, solar T (thermal); and not just solar PV (PhotoVoltaic) technologies need to be combined with seasonal thermal energy storage for a carbon free winter time space heating solution

Solar thermal technology is over a century old. With some technological tweaking and in combination with a season thermal energy store hundreds of dollars per month could be saved per household over the winter heating season. \

This UK Carbon Free home heating system does just that. It uses a hybrid system - i) solar T&PV, ii) heat pump and iii) seasonal thermal storage - to produce cost effective carbon free home space and hot water heating..

How much would you save if your car and house ran on free fuel from the sun?

Financially, solar energy makes a great deal of economic sense as it follows the model that Jeremy Rifkin correctly forecast in his zero margin cost on the collective commons theory - uber, airbnb etc.

Once the EV and home solar CHP is paid for the suns fuel is free. The variable operating costs approach zero. A fundamental law of economics that will triumph in the end.

Initially nothing really changes for the household budget cuz the savings in utilities and gas pays for the investment.

In 5 years or so, when the investment is payed for, thats a savings of $300 , $500, $800 a $1000 per month per household depending on the square footage and the commute distance to work.

So that the suns free energy is fully utilized and not spoiled by profits; we need to make sure that loans geared to household income are provided so that the solar powered CHP and EV’s are owned rather than leased.

Saving the 99%’ers on home utilities and car gas is the best way to bridge the gap. Lessen that great financial gulf between rich and poor. An even better way to achieve social justice than raising the minimum wage by a few dollars per hour is to save Canadian Households 1000’s of dollars per month on utilities and car gas bills.
Once the solar powered CHP and refurbishing of cheap EV’s at scale is perfected via crowdfunding and prototype perfection, the CFC will start a program going here in Canada like this grid alternative program in the states.
But for a complete solution. Going 100% carbon free, cold turkey.

The financial savings per household would be significant . If fully implemented across the country it would be litterally raise the countries GDP.

There is no doubt about any of that. And no doubt its all completely doable.

Its time to getter done.


The First Commoners Law Fund Campaign is underway. The Private Curb-Side Charging Petition -

In preparation for the solar age revolution that is inevitably coming, the CLF will remove the barriers; namely laws and attitudes, that impede the wide spread adoption of sustainable energy in peoples every day lives. .

Once we gather a bunch of petitioners over the next number of weeks CLF will be filing a boulevard encroachment application to the City of Toronto on behalf of James Scarrow.

The city is sure to reject so this will become an application to the superior court. At that point concurrent to the petition we will also run a crowd funding campaign to raise the doe for the legal fight with the city

That curb-side charging campaign will be duplicated in a private parking EV charging campaign for Condo dwellers.

The campaign will assist Roxanne Wright to force her Condo Board to allow her to install an EV charger in her parking spot.
This will inevitably lead to a superior court application as well.

I guarantee you; no beerocracy is going to allow a good idea like this to exist, particularly when it erodes their power and control.

Sadly the point to be made by all this madness is that changing the beaurocratic status quo will be difficult and drawn out.

But its gonna make for one hell of a campaign fund raiser!!!

When we have sufficiently caught the publics attention, crowding for the production of a cheap EV (refurbishing 1st generation EV’s at scale) with range extender trailer will begin.

Once we have established some street cred and attention by driving around in our cheap EV with back up battery range extender trailer in tow, we will be ready for the 2nd big CFC Campaign:? Design and Build of a Solar CHP (central heat and power) system to decarbonize existing single family residences. And saving a tonne of money on house utilities at the same time.

I’ve been thinking about this for this last decade and it is now time to put the plan into action: i) raise the money for TRNSYS analysis to perfect the design thermodynamically and ii) perfect the design mechanically by building a prototype.

Once we have figured out the best way to capture, store and harness all that hot water we will start implementing the decarbonization of Canadian homes and cars one; and hopefully eventually several, households at a time.

In a similar fashion to this US grid alternatives nonprofit model. model.

The time is nigh! Do not look back! Dare not hesitate! Our doubts; alas, are traitors that make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.

Play your own significant part. Make YOUR world a better place. And collectively we will make the entire world a better place for us all.

Fight the Man! Join the Collective!

Its time for a Solar Age Revolution!!
cfc clf MANIFESTO.pdf