I have a story that has done very well as a feature film script, and would like to make it into a graphic novel. I have a complete and detailed outline and I am seeking a penciler, inker, colorist, and letterer. I am willing to hire one of each, but would prefer someone who can do it all. Likely only cover will be color to be within budget, but would like to keep full color as an option.

Looking for LA locals (Within an hour’s drive) and think we will begin project within next couple of months...will consider applicants anywhere in US. MUST ABSOLUTELY at least be US citizen living in US.

The GN takes place in Kenya, and would feature things like:
* Kenyan people
* some firearms (AK-47, semi-auto handgun)
* vehicles (SUVs, jeeps, helicopter)
* some animals (lions, elephants, zebras, snake)
* Kenyan city and jungle environment
* a cave
* offices

I’m looking for a very detailed style; artists styles I like for this project (in order) are:
#1 David Finch
#2 Delcan Shalvey
#3 Frank Miller
#4 Jim Lee
#5 Dale Keown

The project is 125 pages (approximately 564 panels) plus cover, back, and a specific idea I have for the page borders. Though the GN is meant to be primarily a tool to try and get the film made, there is potential publisher interest. I will also be selling the finished graphic novel in a number of ways.

This will be a work for hire, signed contract. I will own copyright on all artwork, etc. You will be paid for the work, given proper credit, etc. Small amount of profit are to go to a wildlife charity. $5k for penciled/inked 125 pages ($40 per page, if you can do color and lettering too, great!), $100 for cover, PLUS 50/50 split of profits from sales of artwork. Small amount of each sale will go to a wildlife charity.

When applying for job, please send expected completion time for this project, links to work, references, and any questions you might have.