To whom it may concern - Book Cover Illustrator Artist

I am looking for a Book Cover Illustrator Artist that can create a
very affordable Book Cover for $12.00 an hour. Once my copyright
book is published, the book cover artist can have credit for their work
but I would have the rights to my book project.

I need you to create just one book cover for an affordable price.
Notice that the attach photos below are people whispering to
each other in their ear. Look at the photo of Reverend Run and
look at the photo of Jesus Christ can you make Jesus Christ
with his right hand in Reverend Run's ear whispering?

That's all I need. Try to put Jesus photo on the left of the picture
and Reverend Run the black priest on the right as if Jesus Christ
has his right hand on Reverend Run's ear as if he was whispering
on his ear. Like the photo below of two women whispering amongst
each other. Something like that okay. This is going to be my book
design. Can you do this for $12/hr. I am a poor man living on
disability. So please give me a break if that's okay with you.

This project is for church purposes. For the Cover of My Book you
are going to need the Dimensions okay. Here are the Dimensions

Below is my the Dimensions for my 6 x 9 Book. The title of my
book is called "Rumors"

One-piece cover requirements:
Your file must be a PDF, JPG, GIF, or PNG
Spine width: 30.486 Postscript points wide (0.423") (127 px)
Spine begins 441 Postscript points (6.125") (1838 px) from the left.
Total cover width: 912.486 X 666 Postscript points (12.673" X 9.250") (3802px X 2775px)
If using an image, its resolution should be set to 300dpi

P.S. I will email you the three photos upon request.