I develop management training courses and I need an iconic character to appear in various poses on PowerPoint slides throughout the course.
The character needs to be an androgynous human, neither male nor female and of no specific skin colour or race. It could wear glasses (maybe oversized) and it could have a ponytail or distinctive hair – as long as it remains gender neutral.
The character is to be simple, only sufficiently detailed to show expression in a range of poses. Detailed facial and body characteristics are probably not required. The course is aimed at mid-level managers so the character should be an adult (20s to 30s) and of neat appearance, not overly casual. Clothing is optional, if provided it should be simple and distinctive and consistent through all poses, maybe with some colour variations, perhaps with a hat or scarf, where appropriate to the pose. Generally, there is no need for backgrounds, although simple backgrounds may be required for some poses.
I need about 25 different poses – see list below- I have included a few and I will specify all poses if we agree.
I would like to see a sample character in one of the poses ASAP.
I need the images in a couple of weeks but, hopefully, some may be available prior to that.
Budget is a real issue, so I hope you can help.

What formats will the images be provided in?
Do I own the copyright for these images?
Will the characters have backgrounds? If so, can I remove or cover the background?
How much $ for first image to try concept?
How much $ for 25 defined image poses for the character?
(Can you also do animated GIFs for a few selected images? For how much $?)
What currency you are quoting in? (I am in Australia).
How will I pay you if we agree?

Poses – these need to be from different angles and perspectives, as appropriate.
1. Standing – hands on hips
2. Standing – hand over brow - straining forwards and looking into the distance
3. Standing next to sign of large arrow and looking in the direction of the arrow
4. Bending to look under a rock
5. Sitting at desk using PC