Need art work for publishing on a music score cover page, may also use art for CD cover and advertising a choral concert. (I'm an amateur choral composer). The image I need is a fiddle and bow that have legs and dance with a 7 year old child and a small toad in a ring. This image seems quite unique not found on the internet. A very traditional image is needed like walt disney or an example might look like "Stuart Little" kind of image. The child would have a backpack on his back. There could be silver and gold coins scattered on the ground around the dance scene. This is the image in my original choral song called "The Magic Fiddle" My deadline would be by early April. I can send the words to this song to allow better understanding of the image needed. The price I have quoted can be more for an artwork to hang on a wall with a very skilled artist (must see examples of your work to determine price) in colour is best or just a pencil sketch could work but not as ideal. Although time is short. Looking for available serious hard working artist. The art must be up to "magazine quality" art. Dickson
PS. So not need total ownership of the image if the artist wants to use it somewhere else.