T-shirt design in full color front and back sublimation printing. Meaning anything can be printed!
Looking for a bold design based off of Acid Betty from Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 8.
You can find more about Acid Betty by searching for “Acid Betty” or go to

The image can feature an illustration or many illustrations featuring Acid Betty in new or conceived ways.

The ultimate design would be the love child style of Alex Pardee and Buff Monster. The use of their cartoony melty drips and bold color choices with some allusion to the 80’s/ 90’s but NOW would be the dream. ;)

Can incorporate favorite emoji’s, illustrations, drips, bubbles, donuts, Acid Betty themed anything, quotes of Acid Betty’s from Rupaul’s Drag Race in visual format.. “O. M. baby Jesus”.. IDK..

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have and go creatively beyond the boundaries and make it fun!

Attached are the older T-shirt designs, a basic T-shirt Template for reference and some inspirational illustrations from Alex Pardee and Buff Monster.
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