I'm seeking a freelancer with experience in SEO, Google Analytics/Adwords and web design to refresh my blog. This project will be a series of smaller projects instead of one massive overhaul. With that said thousands of dollars will be over the budget for this project.

I'm currently fielding multiple offers so I encourage you to visit my blog | and response with your thoughts on what you could do in the short-term and longer term for my site. Also provide me with a price range for your services. Based on that information, I will decide which freelancer is the best fit for this project.

Additional details:
My blog is on wordpress
I have experience running content management campaigns like facebook ads
My audience is males 18-34
The site contains podcasts
The site needs to be optimized for web and mobile
This will be an ongoing partnership instead of a one-time task
Simplicity is key for this blog
I would like to integrate social media here
My client for this project is looking for the most bang for his buck