I am creating a 3rd person video game in Unreal Engine 4 and I'm tired of spending all my time creating the characters. I would like someone to create characters for me that I can import into Blender. All I require is the Mesh and I will rig the character myself and create animations. You do not need to apply color or materials either. You can create them in a different program but I want to complete my work in Blender so they need to be compatible. I am not looking for alot of detail in the characters but I want them to look good. The theme is fantasy/medieval. I will need many characters but first will be generic Knight in armor, Archer, Wizard, etc. I can provide pictures and examples of what I'm looking for but I'm open to new ideas also. I would like the characters to be approximately 2 meters tall and fit the general shape of the Blender Metarig. This is something I can show you if your not familiar. I'm putting $50 for a single character mesh. Hopefully this is fair. We can do 1 at a time, maybe 1 or 2/week for a few weeks.