Wanted: Three sets of two (total of 6) illustrations. Each set of illustrations will have a close-up view of a rip(s) in a pair of distressed jeans out of which (rip) is peering/climbing a character. The other illustration will show the subject either in a stationary standing pose or caught in movement (i.e. walking) with the distressed jeans at such an angle that the character in the rip is visible.

One character to be demonic in appearance with claws that extend out of the rip. (as if climbing out of the rip in the jeans.
Second character is to be a "cute" cat looking out of the rip.
Third character is to be a Dragon whose tail weaves in and out of multiple rips in one leg and whose head appears looking out of a large rip in the opposite leg.

Work produced cannot be used by the artist for any other purpose for a period of two years. It will be used as proof of concept for fashion wear accessories. It may appear in presentations and online websites to gauge or generate market interest in the accessories.