I'm looking for a pixel artist who specialises in fantasy art. It is also crucial that the art is as authentic to early 90s video game graphics as possible. I'm looking for a very good level of detail for mountains and landscapes, similar to this style -

The final image should be rectangular so as to fit both the front and back cover of a card CD digifile. Additional character sprites are also required for the inside artwork.

To get an idea of the vibe of the project, you can listen to the music here, and read the narration which accompanies each track:

The whole project is essentially a bit of spoof on the whole genre of old fantasy video games and is intended to have a good sense of humour.

The image we had in mind was of the arena (coliseum) on the left hand side with a queue of fantasy characters leading to the entrance from the right hand side. The perspective would start with the people near us on the right and then moving into the distance by the time they get to the coliseum on the left. In the background are mountains and wooded landscapes with the tiny silhouette of a dragon somewhere in the sky.

In addition, I'm looking for 10 sprites which are the characters. These will be placed separately inside the CD case.

When applying, please provide the following:

- a quote of how much you will charge for this commission.
- an updated portfolio with examples of previous pixel art you have created.
- a realistic rough time frame you think you can have the commission completed in.