My name is Adam Wilson, and I am a Detective and SWAT operator in North Carolina. I am working on two books (more like getting ideas and words out of my head and on paper) but will definitely need a ghost writer. I am going to be a leader for the millennial generation in criminal justice. These books will help to solidify that. The first book project is developing future mindsets in policing for future generations. Basically getting rid of machismo and why we should be authentic. High EQ over IQ stuff. Choosing the right mentor to emulate, power of positivity, etcetera, but it all has a police dynamic. Although, many aspects can be attributed to a variety of careers.

I, myself, have a pretty interesting story and back ground. Growing up with one kidney, living in a trailer with no power or furniture, to now pursuing a Ph.D. and currently starting up a police tech company and lots of stuff in between. Which I felt like could add to the uniqueness of the story.

The other book is a book on criminal justice reform from my perspective (old millennial) and how millennials are going to change it for the better. However, a organization has reached out wanting to collaborate and may help with funding. So, I'm still working out the details on that one.