I follow up a hymn project of a Christian church, which needs excellent translators help us to translate them from English to German. The texts will be made into songs, and these songs will be gifts to God, will be offered to those who wish to praise God. The lyrics(hymns) are selected from some spiritual books. The most important concern in the translation of hymns is to recreate the same feeling that was originally caused. This is not just a copy of the original, of course, it is also a prerequisite for accurate translation. The same re-creation of emotions is especially important in hymns because they are our worship of God. We should attach great importance to the lyrics, because they are devoted to God. Therefore, not only to show the same content and ideas, but also to express the feelings this song should convey. Since this is a set of restrictions on language (form, rhythm, meter, etc.), hymns translation is much more complex (and, more pleasant!) Than translation of plain text. Even if the translation is accurate, if the language is poor and not poetic, The singer is distracted and can not normally enjoy the song. We attach great importance to these lyrics, so our requirements are as follows:

(1) Have over 10 years professional experience in religious translation or music translation (from English to German).
(2) Be German native speakers;(English and German both native speakers are preferred.)
(3) It would be better if you have experience of Learning music.

If you are interested in our project. Please reply to the necessary information:
(1) Introduce translation experience (including religious translation and music learning experience) or provide us with your resume.
(2) Share with us some of your (translation & music) works.
(3) payment method (each word is the best for us) and quote.

I hope you are willing to do this meaningful work with us! If you are interested in our project, please apply for job as soon as possible.

May God lead us to work together!