I am seeking an experienced artist who can ink and colour in the Studio Ghibli style (i.e. similar to Graveyard of Fireflies and The Wind Rises) to ink, colour, and do speech bubbles and text for a 20 page digital comic book - the sketching has been completed.

I will use the comic book to raise funding to make a 3.5 minute animated trailer that will be used to raise funding for the 120 minute 2D animated feature film, based the young adult novel Ben Brown's Flying Machine.

Payment for the inking, colouring, speech bubbles and text is $US100/page, and there are around 5 panels per page.

Please check out the details of the project at:…

If you have the experience and confidence that you can do it, please have an updated portfolio with samples of your work that are similar to the Studio Ghibli style and a brief outline of your experience.
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