For now I am asking for 1-2 illustrations to see how the tasks are executed. If the design is nailed, I will need 50+ for a book I’m doing.

The time frame of the main project is based on when I find an illustrator that can nail the design. For the 1-2 “test” illustrations, I’m asking for within the week. (The sooner the better because once I see what I am looking for I’m running with it)

The project is an illustrated potion book. In the book will be illustrations of characters being effected by a unique potion in a comical way.

The "test" illustrations can be non color and should have the same style shown in the description. They can be a rough sketched but need enough detail to show you have the technique I'm looking for. These pieces will be treated as an entry sketch for the job and will not be paid for. For this reason, an official file does not have to be sent, just an image showing you know what I am looking for will work. The illustrator that is hired will be paid for each illustration asked for. Half to start and half when finished. Also I pay for illustrations on a project to project basis not hourly. (negotiable)

The pay is $25 per illustration but may change based on performance.

I am looking for a very specific style. See the attached image and notes for details.

Here is an example of what I’m look for specifically in one illustration.

Example #1:
Name of the potion: Janitors Rag

Description: The victim instantly becomes obsessed with cleaning the first think he sees. (He is so obsessed with cleaning it with great intensity!)

- I imagine an illustration of a typical man played in a DnD game that just got effected by the potion.
- He is on his knees scrubbing a spot on a wooden floor.
- Teeth grinding in frustration
- One eye point bulging at the spot
- Butt higher in the air because of how close his face is to the floor
- Stressful looking hair
- Cleaning it from a piece of cloth he ripped from his cloak or pants
- Sweat dripping
- Stress and frustration in his face, and fingers.

If you choose to make a second sketch you can use this second example OR do your take on what a character would look like being effected by the Janitors Rag. Must submit at least one sketch of the Janitors Rag Example.

Example #2:
Name of the potion: The Archers Arrows

Description: The taker has the ability to shoot any item he can pick up with his hand from his bow with amazing accuracy. (small animals, rocks, paper, sticks, other potion bottles)

- I imagine an illustration of a typical elf (or anyone with a bow) in a DnD game that just got effected by the potion.
- broken bottle on the ground with a clear name tag stating the name of the bottle
- Something RIDICULOUS he is trying to shoot from his bow
- what ever he is shooting is not hitting a target but JUST shoot and still flying in the air about 1 foot in front of him
- body is straight and firm
- face expression can be confident or nervous
- if small animal, other similar animals on the ground by his feet gasping or crying. If rock or something else, there is something on the floor showing it was picked off the floor like other rocks with a space missing etc.
- fingers from releasing the string on the bow flailed and jagged looking
This is the style I want replicated in the illustrations. I Love everything about it from the...