I'm a writer looking for a comic book artist to collaborate with on a pitch. Independent Companies require 5-7 full pages of continual story as a proof-of-concept. I have a story I'd love to tell but it will only be received by publishers with an artists equal-influence. Should this pitch be accepted, I would like to go on to make a monthly comic book of the story-I have a lot of the characters, plot and emotional points figured out already. An artist who could initially colour/ink their own work for this pitch would be ideal and then we could hopefully find other people should the project be accepted. There's no deadline of submitting this finished pitch, but the sooner we can get the ball rolling, the better. We'd have plenty of time to discuss the story, design and panel design before the actual work begins. Should the project be accepted, there would be an equal split of profit between myself and you the artist.

Payment for the 5-7 pages would depend on quality but I am willing to pay the listed amount for quality work that fulfils the requirements of the story delivered on time.

I am based in Sydney, Australia and would prefer to work with someone in Sydney or within NSW as face-time is important.