An independent programmer is needed to participate in developing a family of the most popular card games based on my trademarked, 8-suited, multi-racial, TossCard deck. We'd develop a TossSolitaire game to start off with but the TossCards can play Hearts, Spades or any other popular card game.

This 8-suit, four-color deck plays with a familiar look and feel but our games are much more challenging. I even have a method to designate or reveal a MysteryPartnerTM each hand if that choice is selected. Toss games can be developed as the typical 4-handed games to be played by a person against computer players. Later, Toss games can be 5-player, interactive, internet games playing with any combination of human and computer players.

The deck is available as PNG files so artwork is not a problem. Rules of the different games will be provided as we go along. A good example for you to look at, would be a spade card game developed by Unbalanced and AI. That can be seen at Please keep in mind I have no ownership of that particular game but it's an excellent example along the lines of what needs to be developed. My physical cards are sold at and we will advertise the developed programs there, at the Microsoft Store, and any other venues decided upon. Hopefully, you will be able to realize the long-term benefits of this effort.

Please note that I do not code nor know which language would be the best. When you accept the payment terms offered under a Confidentiality Agreement, I will provide more details. Then, as we work together, I would only need occasional screenshots and Windows 10 executable files to test.