Happy New Years!
After the overwhelming response from Artist, I’d decided to do a kickstarter for the project to pay a fair commission to any artist and give audiences a chance to be part of the creative team and help choose the illustrator.

Any illustrator can submit there version of the character Major Protein while sticking to the guidelines of the character descriptions and story backgrounds (seen below). The images are uploaded or can be tagged onto @majorprotein on Instagram. Likes then count as votes to help choose the fantastic artist that will bring to life the first volumes. Empowering the Future of Healthy Cooking for kids, family's and comic fans alike. Each volume is 18-22 pages total with a commission of at least 2,000 per volume.

Kickstarter will launch the 2nd week of January for 45 Day.

Seen either with a spatula or twin katana ninja swords and wearing a bandanna with the words “killer cook” in the front
A Curved Tear Drop tattoo on face that’s represents the bottom half of the ying and yang symbol
A Stack Pancakes Tattooed on arm
The words “Eat” “Clean” tattooed on knuckles
Ethnicity: Mexican American
Attitude: Badass


Graphic Novel CookBook series that follows Major Protein along with his elite team of heroes saving the world one meal at a time.

Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

Major Protein is a Freelance Secret Agent for an elite team. He’s a hero saving the planet one meal at a time and a part-time cook at a diner coined Syrup in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. Major Protein is skilled in martial arts, hand-to-hand combat and culinary cooking.
Kidnapped as a child and forced to cook for a gang of Mexican Assassins that call themselves “The Yang”, Major Protein was given a second chance at life by an elite team of secret agents whose mission is to wipe out world hunger by any means necessary. Major Protein is set in a world where the sugar trade is at its breakpoint leaving the world ravaged by hunger, obesity and lack of nutrition.
Only one man has the recipes and skills to wipe out processed sugar once and for all. Follow Major Protein and his band of heroes as they stop crime, save the world and teach you how to cook protein pack meals for the hero inside.

Think Daredevil meets Captain Planet... with a cooking and wellness concentration.

Open all offering creative freedom with guideline descriptions.