I am looking for an illustrator or graphic designer for a children’s picture book project. This job is paid, although I am looking for someone who is open to slightly less as this is a charity project. Please provide a quote based on the project info I have provided, and I am flexible with pay.

Proceeds for the book will be split between a young children’s community centre in Toronto called Artscape Young Place, with the majority of proceeds going to a children’s education NGO in Cape Town called Outliers. This January I will be traveling to South Africa to volunteer with Outliers; I will donate copies of my book and its proceeds, and organize readings for children in townships and hospitals.


Illustrated pages: approx. 14 including a very basic cover
Details: basic colourful images as the job will be financed through donations and my personal funding
Pay: negotiable (based on experience, flexibility, estimated time of completion)
Deadline for illustrations: December 20th, 2017
Age group: children 4-7
Recognition: your name will be featured on the front cover and opening pages

Working Title: Kind Little Things

Plot: On an eventful journey to the park, 6-year-old Ben discovers that each person is born with a tiny sprite-like creature called a starling, which is the part of us that makes us kind and caring. When Ben starts to believe in them, his rascally starling Arnold appears and encourages him to be nice, even when others are unkind. Ben is encouraged to do three nice things per day, and this is the central task of his story. Ben has fun with his friends and his silly starling, and finds great happiness in helping others and seeing his kindness reciprocated.

Themes: guides kindness and generosity, friendship, encourages creativity

Pages: approx. 20


Honours Bachelor of Psychology with a thesis on childhood development thesis, University of Ottawa
Publishing Certificate, Ryerson University

If interested, please have an updated portfolio and apply for this job. I hope to hear from you!